The Story Behind

Cutting Edge Design By Jason

With over 30 years of boating and business experience and after designing and selling many international and Australian designs and brands, finally, my team and I have developed “Cutting Edge Design by Jason”.
The Cutting Edge range of Australian Made Plate Alloy Boats features top of the line Technology from Garmin and Yamaha, and with The Best Aussie Made Boat Trailers from Redco in Brisbane we have put together a range of Boats unrivalled in our current market. The Cutting Edge Range is designed by fishermen for fishermen and their families. The Build quality and design options are specifically aimed at suiting all the harsh Australian conditions and we have made sure the boats are easy to use and easy to tow around our awesome Australian Coastline.

Explore our boats

CE 530 HT

Prestige Aussie plate perfection. Built for the fisherman & the family. The hardtop profiles excellent sun cover as well as adds storage and gives a modern “Cutting Edge” look and appeal.

CE 530 SC

The Cutting Edge 530 Side Console is built tough to survive our harsh Australian conditions. With 5mm bottom and 4mm plate sides and fittings, it is one of Australia’s toughest built boats.

CE 680 WA

The Cutting Edge 680 Walkaround has been designed as the perfect boat to explore Australia. Featuring offshore and inshore design such as a massive casting platform for reef and barra fishing and also a full dual access transom for diving and deep water fishing.

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